#Santana is a pretty high-strung person #She is reactive anxious and gets stressed out pretty easily and the thing is she is not that great at soothing herself #Santana has basically been on edge ever since graduating high school but these last few weeks have #probably been especially bad for her because the Loft—which is where she lives and someplace that #is supposed to be ”safe” for her—has become a battlefield where she has to have her guard up all the time #Fighting with Rachel has probably made Santana so incredibly tense #and yet Santana probably hasn’t allowed herself to dwell on that tension or process it consciously #because examining her own hurt feelings is uncomfortable for her #So the thing that absolutely slays me about these gifs? Brittany knows even without Santana saying it #that Santana needs soothing #She can intuit the stress in Santana’s body and she automatically responds to it with these gentling #calming touches #The way Brittany rubs Santana’s arms and runs her fingers over Santana’s skin—you can just see it relaxing Santana #and softening her easing the worry out #As much as Brittany’s words help to sort Santana out and reassure her Brittany’s touches do just as much #It kills me that pretty much everyone else in the world is so harsh to Santana—they yell at her and scold her #and even their body language towards her is rough—but Brittany treats Santana with such carefulness and delicacy #To her Santana is precious and you can see it even in the way she interacts with Santana’s body

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here bawling my eyes out….. 

@NayaRivera Hahahaha that’s funny “@Heathers_Naya: @NayaRivera how about Frozen Brittana? 
@NayaRivera Hahahaha that’s funny “@Heathers_Naya: @NayaRivera how about Frozen Brittana? 

Every Glee Song that I Love :
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i only understand like 9% of life

You can’t recreate what you and I have.